The switch to more sustainable transport is continuing across the Downer Utilities business, with Skilltech taking delivery of its first Electric Vehicle (EV).


Skilltech already has around 70 hybrid vehicles on the road and has been trialling the Hyundai Kona EV in partnership with its client Gold Coast City Council.


The cobranded EV adds to the fleet of Hybrid Rav 4 and Corollas that are already a familiar sight on local roads. A strategy to transition these hybrid vehicles to fully electric models is due to follow.


Skilltech’s General Manager Daniel Howard said the trial was the first in a number of dual corporate initiatives planned with CoGC to highlight both company’s drive for sustainability.


“Our meter readers spend a significant amount of time driving between locations and can travel hundreds of kilometres in just one day. It’s great to know that when they get behind the wheel they are helping to improve our environment and reduce carbon in our atmosphere,” said Daniel.