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Skilltech's ability to proactively respond to our customers' needs is a skill we are constantly looking to expand. We invest heavily in technology to help develop tailored solutions that deliver outstanding results for our customers.
Products such as MiMtr™️ and SmartPipe® have changed the way our customers do business. We are committed to continuous improvement and staying ahead of the curve to provide efficiency and cost savings to our customers.

Our MiMtr™️ suite of products is aimed at providing seamless metering support through a bespoke web-based platform and customer portal. MiMtr™️ provides options for cyclic, service order, project and customer-facing works to lead the way in data collection and field services management.

MiMtr™️ products are secured to deliver high quality data and analytics. These products are designed for flexibility and created specifically for the metering industry. We invite you to explore how they could work for your business.

  • MiMtr™️ - Cyclic meter reading system with GPS and photographic capabilities
  • MATRIX - End-to-end job management suitable for off cycle, auditing and project work
  • Read My Meter - A mobile friendly customer self read option for gas, water and electricity meters.

For more information and a live demonstration of any of these systems, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skilltech SmartPipe®
Skilltech SmartPipe® offers an end-to-end option for managing standpipes in the field. With built-in technology, the SmartPipe® captures interval consumption data to provide more transparency over standpipes than ever before.

Skilltech SmartPipe® provides our customers with daily data and statistics on standpipe fleets, along with analytics and reporting. Simplifying the billing process and reducing revenue leakage, SmartPipe® is the cost effective solution for portable, intelligent standpipe management.

Skilltech SmartPipe® automates previously manual tasks and provides better insight into network water usage by carters.

  • Built-in data logger and GPS chip to capture 15-minute inverval data for time, locations and water quantities
  • Alarm notifications to manage water abnormalities
  • 24/7 access to customer portal for reporting and statistics.

Skilltech SmartPipe® provides advanced water logging data for portable standpipes.

  • Daily updates and automated alerts
  • Near real-time water usage statistics
  • Produces savings and increases revenue
  • Manages all pipes in one secure portal
  • Fast and accurate invoicing
  • Compares pipes and create reports with ease.

For additional information, please download our brochure outlining key SmartPipe® capabilities.

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