Skilltech's core capabilities include managing highly effective teams in the field to deliver meter replacement services.

We are a proven meter replacement organisation, with 30 years' experience working with Australia's utilities to undertake over 150,000 meter replacements and exchanges each year.

Skilltech has existing experience replacing domestic, commercial and industrial grade meters. 

We work with mechanical, ultrasonic, magnetic flow and AMR/AMI meter types and have sound processes and work instructions in place for these activities. 

We also manage meter testing programs and utilise NATA accredited testing facilities to deliver results for customers. All our meter replacement activities are performed in accordance with individual State and Territory legislative requirements. 

Smart Meter Rollouts

Skilltech has been instrumental in delivering some of Australia's largest smart meter rollouts for both electricity and water. Skilltech is vendor agnostic, and works with all major meter manufacturers in Australia. 

Today, we work across the emerging market to partner with utilities in order to design tailored digitalised and usage monitoring solutions for their network. We have a proven methodology for meter rollouts refined through our experience completing ongoing replacement programs and large scale smart meter deployments.

Skilltech was a major partner for several distributors during the Victorian Government mandated electricity meter rollout, where we successfully installed over 1.2 million AMI meters.

We are always available to discuss how we can support organisations to transition to smart meters.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 1300 377 170

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